Germany as a business location and 'green' hydrogen on site through Catalytic Degassing Technology (CDT)


Environmentally friendly electricity and alternative hydrogen from waste!
There is talk of importing hydrogen from other countries or producing it from wind and solar power, but there is an effective and environmentally friendly way to produce the required electricity and, where needed, hydrogen or synthetic fuels from organic waste, especially plastic and used tires.
The process is not pyrolysis, no toxic waste gases, slag or ash are produced, only freely usable kinetic energy.
This patented technology from Germany makes it possible to have local sites wherever waste is already being delivered or where the different and possible energy sources are used alternatively or cumulatively for the

- Production of high calorific process gas for industrial plants with high energy requirements chemical, ceramic, glass and hot rolling production (etc.),
- Generation of electricity, from 1 ton of organic, shredded and dried waste on average 2,000 kWh,
- alternatively also for the production of hydrogen,
- Production of regenerative fuels from organic waste materials (including plastic, rubber and old tires)
- activated carbon.


CO2 certification 1 : 1 & decarbonization can be implemented with this technology!
We are looking for:

Potential users
- Who already recycle waste themselves (waste disposal and recycling companies)
- Who want / need to improve their CO2 'footprint'
- Who want to produce their own process gas
- Want to generate their own electricity
- Who want to produce hydrogen from the energy

investors to establish the procedure:

-from EUR 110 million investment sum for the construction of a small ITC Innovation, Technology & Competence Center with 53,000 t/a including sorting, drying, shredding and recycling
- 100% coverage of the investment sum
- "Raw material organic waste" from households, trade, industry and old landfills is available in more than sufficient quantities


Through the Christopherus Foundation International (CSI) and the German project company ITC, a German start-up is in preparation that specializes in innovative solutions in the field of energy production and environmental technologies.
With a dedicated team of CSI and experts and researchers, the technology carrier is dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable technologies that have a positive impact on the environment while being economically viable.